Individual counseling involves talking about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and the things that are troubling you. Our counseling model attempts to empower you with the resources needed to make positive changes in your life. The counselor and client will work together to define and discuss personal issues and reach mutually agreed upon goals.

  • Depression 

  • Spiritual Issues

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Coping Skills 


Sometimes, it seems as if life just has it in for us and we can never catch a break. In reality, there will always be moments we have little to no control over but, what we can always control is how we react to those moments. Relationship Counseling sessions will help you learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

  • Relationship Issues and Conflicts

  • Couples and Marital Enrichment

  • Premarital Counseling 

  • Parenting and Step-Parenting​

  • Separation and Divorce

  •  Ineffective Communication


Feeling like everyone in the house is at each other’s throat and there is little respect for anyone? It can be very helpful to seek guidance from a therapist who can be objective and not take sides. Our therapists help families learn to work together and communicate how they are feeling. We work with the very fluid dynamic of families and how they ebb and flow. Allow us to help you find your voice.  

  • Blending Family Adjustments

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Academic Concerns in Children

  • Divorce & Divorce Adjustments

  • Grief Counseling 


Sexual energy is a powerful force in our lives. It can create a togetherness like nothing else! In addition to connecting with our partners, it can bring us feelings of deep fulfillment, inner peace, self-acceptance, and overall well-being – that "healthy glow" we hear so much about. Sexuality can be a profoundly sustaining force in our lives, even a healing force at times.

  • Lack or loss of sexual interest in a partner

  • Reconciling differences

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Sexual trust

  • Overcoming inhibition, fears, discomfort




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